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I have used Mockplus for two years. I couldn’t wait when I heard that Mockplus is going to launch a new product... I used to feel so tired being a product designer. I could clearly feel that my brain power surged when I explained the product demands and logic to my team. I cared about the progress of design and development without a stop before the product went online... However, demands were difficult to be implemented. I want a more intuitive way to tell product demands; I need a more efficient collaboration tool allowing me to control project workflow globally. Mockplus iDoc is a fantastic solution for me. At present, Mockplus is doing a great job in its upgrading and transformation. Keep on fighting!

I turned to work as UI designer two years ago because of my love for design. I increasingly found in my work, the most annoying thing is not design, but delivery. Every time a design draft is delivered, some parameters will always be missed. The developed product has never been exactly the same as my design draft. Generally, the more elaborate the design is, the more difficult the delivery process will be. The features of auto-generating specs and assets in iDoc free me from trivial work and give me more time to think about design and learn something new.

I have been working for 5 years as a professional interaction designer. Understanding user’s needs, establishing user portrait, organizing information architecture, drawing wireframes, and making low-fidelity prototypes…all the documents for each job are very numerous and jumbled. How to manage these documents uniformly is my biggest concern, and I am looking for a closed-loop collaborative design platform that runs through the entire product design workflow to reduce inefficient operation. After all, time is just as valuable as money in the Internet industry.

I admit that the designs made by UI designers are really beautiful, and I also want to restore designer's designs with my professional skills. However, when it was actually delivered to me, the dense design specs already took my eyes. To develop products better, it is necessary to have a smart and reasonable delivery method to replace the traditional way. We expect Mockplus iDoc can bring an efficient delivery and communication mode.

Designers handoff designs more easily

Product managers manage projects more smoothly

Engineers write code more efficiently

Teamwork can be performed more seamlessly